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Giacomo Cerini was born in Chiaravalle, a small town in the province of Ancona.
At the age of 13 he approaches music taking lessons and playing electric guitar and only 16 years old he starts attending clubs in the area and the Romagna Riviera. Here he discovers the figure of the DJ and that became his next target and soon after his adventure begins playing in disco pub and after dinner clubs. 

Soon u will see himself busy proposing his dj sets in some places like ECU, BAIA IMPERIALE, ODISSEA, CLASSIC CLUB, MIAMI and NOIR To nema few and collaborates with the organizers and the staff of MUSEIKA, and an resident DJ for "AFTER ALL TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY" and "FREE CLUB" Senigallia,
organizer and DJ of the party "GUFO"  and trendy party RUI: NS which is very close to the latter thanks also to the spirit of initiative to the passion for music to the organization and friendship towards this staff.
His sets are characterized and influenced by Berlinese and northern European techno sounds.
For a few years now he has been a producer at CLASH & SPLAH, last October 2015 his track was released in a compilation dedicated to ADE (AmsterdamDanceEvent) thanks to SUBWOOFER RECORDS and soon in April 2017 two of his latest and unreleased tracks We will find the KRUNCH on a new American label









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